Why the English outdoors makes the ideal family getaway

From walking trails to water sports, sandy beaches to jaw-dropping lakes, countryside to National Parks, the English outdoors has it all. Sometimes bathing around a swimming pool day in day out just doesn’t cut it for the adrenaline seeking families who relish in outdoor adventure. Can you relate? If you’re nodding your head thinking ‘yes!’, find out why you need to take your family on a trip into the incredible English outdoors this Summer.


Despite common belief, the weather in England isn’t actually all that bad. Climates can vary depending on which part of the country you visit, although they do not differ too much. Summer can be very pleasant in the UK – in recent years, we’ve had some weeks reaching 30C and above, so if it’s an outdoor getaway you are planning, the Summer months are your best options. Spring can be fairly pleasant too, as evenings begin to get longer, temperatures rise, and trees begin to blossom again.


England is home to hundreds of beaches, some of which would take you by surprise, with their vast stretches of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. Some beaches here are considered as world-class surf spots, particularly in Cornwall, whilst others make peaceful spots for sunbathing or casual strolls. With so many great beaches, there are endless holiday opportunities for families specifically looking for an outdoor getaway.


The English countryside offers a taste of real fresh air and is ideal for a more peaceful outdoor family getaway. Picnic by the riverbanks and valleys or make time for spotting some of the incredible wildlife. The English countryside is particularly renowned for its walking opportunities, with easy trails across fields or more challenging mountain treks. Not only is a countryside outdoor getaway a great way to breathe in some fresh, clearing the lungs, it’s perfect to clear your mind and unwind.


For an outdoor getaway that is based on water activities, you’re going to want to visit English lakes. There are approximately 390 lakes larger than 5 hectares in England – plenty to choose from! Whether it’s canoeing, kayaking or cruising, you can do enjoy these activities on most of the lakes in England. You’ll find many of England’s best lakes in the Lake District, including the largest natural lake in England, Windermere, as well as Ullswater, Derwentwater, and Buttermere.

Distant rowboat on the lake, Ullswater, Lake District, Cumbria.

National Parks 

With some of the finest National Parks in the UK, you could base your whole outdoor vacation on visiting as many as possible. There’s a total of 10 National Parks in England, each equipped for an unforgettable outdoor adventure, with walking and cycling trails, mountain ranges and historic man-made landscapes. The Lake District National Park is perhaps the most popular in England. Not only is it the largest one, it’s a World Heritage Site and home to the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike.

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