Why Choose a Private Driver Tour?

When the travel and tourism sectors begin to reopen, lots of people will still feel a little anxious about travelling and will continue to social distance for some time. One way to ensure social distancing while travelling is through private driver tours. Below, we have listed the reasons why travellers should opt for a private driver tour.

You have greater flexibility

Many private driver tours offer a flexible plan that’s tailored entirely to your personal specifications, from time to budget. Group tours, on the other hand, tend to follow a strict schedule, like what time the bus departs and where it departs from. You can forget about being tied to a timetable with a private driver tour. Choose your own departure date and time and set the itinerary you want. A private driver will pick you up and drop you back off on the doorstep of your accommodation, or even the airport!

They are more relaxing

With greater flexibility comes less stress. Holidays should be relaxing, but grouped tours can often be rushed and overcrowded. Go at your own pace with a private driver tour and take the time you need to explore attractions. Private driver tours are ideal for tourists who prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of crowds but still want to see famous landmarks.

Great value

As previously stated, private driver tours can be tailored to your budget specifications, meaning they are going to be of greater value than grouped tours. You’re paying for exactly what you want to see, not paying to visit a variety of attractions when you are only really interested in seeing one. A common misconception is that private driver tours are more expensive than other tours, but this generally is not the case. Many tourists are surprised when they find out their private driver tour is a much better price than a group tour.

Personalised experience

As self-centered as it may sound, one of the greatest things about private driver tours is that you don’t need to worry about the needs of anyone else. It is your own personalised experience. Choose exactly where you want to go and what you want to see. Even just the idea of travelling in a private, spacious and comfortable car sounds a lot more appealing than other forms of transport.

Learn about the culture from someone on the inside

Sometimes it can seem like tour guides on group tours just go through the motions, which can take away much of the excitement. Tourists want enthusiasm and a driver who is really going to enhance their experience. With Private Driver Tours, the driver is likely to be a local from that area, meaning they’ll know some of the history and culture.  It is worth remembering the drivers are not Blue Badge Guides so won’t know everything however we can organise a Driver Guide or step-on Guide for part of the trip if required.

At Best of Scotland Holidays, we organise many private driver tours. Leave it to us to put together a custom-built package to suit your needs and budget and let your drive take you around England.

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