What to Consider Before Booking a Holiday During The Pandemic

Now that holidays are not completely off the cards this year thanks to air bridges that have been made between countries, a lot of people are still keen to fit in a last-minute summer holiday. There are of course key points to think about before going on holiday at the best of times, but even more so during a pandemic. So, we’ve put together a short list of key considerations if you’re thinking of booking a last-minute trip for within the next few weeks.

Where you are going

Before you set your sights on a specific location, don’t forget to research whether you can actually travel to that destination without having to quarantine upon arrival and when you return home. Thankfully, people entering Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales no longer have to isolate if they’re coming from various countries. However, there is still a significant number of countries where travellers from here must still isolate. This is a fast-moving situation and things can change quickly, so the list of countries is constantly being reviewed and countries may be added or removed.

See Scotland’s air-corridors here.

See England’s air-corridors here.

See Ireland’s air-corridors here.

See Wales’ air-corridors here.

How you will get there

Given that people are now able to freely visit oversea countries, travelling via aeroplane is now a viable option again. If you haven’t yet been through an airport and travelled via plane since the pandemic started, you should know that a lot has changed. Masks are mandatory in both the airport and aeroplane. Some airlines no longer offer in-flight service; however, passengers are permitted to bring their own drinks and snacks on board. In some flights, more seats might be empty too. 

Of course, some people may still be a little wary over travelling on an aeroplane, but there are other methods of transport operating too, you just might not be able to travel as far. On trains you will also be required to wear a face covering and seats are left empty to ensure social distancing. In the UK and Ireland, travellers are recommended to travel during quieter times and always book tickets in advance. 

Where will you stay?

Many people will be left wondering whether it’s safer to stay in hotels or self-catering accommodation. There are really pros and cons to staying in each. A lot of travellers will assume that self-catering must be the safer option because they can limit the number of people they come into contact with. But it’s important to remember that local hotels still need business too. Hotels and other non-self-catering types of accommodation have worked incredibly hard over the past few weeks to make things safe for guests. Unlike self-catering accommodation, hotels typically have strict cleaning standards and housekeeping protocols and these measures will be enhanced during the pandemic.

What you will do when you are there

With social distancing still a priority in most countries it’s inevitable that cities and main tourist attractions aren’t going to be overly crowded. Nonetheless, country breaks, island escapes and outdoor adventures are proving to be the more favorable option. No matter where you go, do your research and plan ahead. Yes, outdoor activities are the best way to ensure social distancing, but with this idea on everyone’s minds, outdoor areas like mountains, beaches and lakes could still become overcrowded too. This is why it’s a good idea to plan ahead. 

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