A guide to travelling between England and Wales

Excellent rail links, thousands of lengthy roads and airports in all major hubs makes travelling around the UK a breeze. If you’re considering travelling between England and Wales this year, you might want to keep reading for some helpful tips and advice.

Travelling between England and Wales by car

Travelling between England and Wales by car is an ideal way to explore each region flexibly at your own pace. The fastest and easiest routes are via the M4, M5, M6 and M56, however there are lots of scenic routes and backroads you can take too if you’d rather see some impressive scenery. The distance between England and Wales is around 151 miles, which would equal to an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes driving time.

By train

Train travel between England and Wales offers a relaxed journey where you can kick back and relax for a couple of hours. The main direct rail route between England and Wales is the fast and frequent service from London Paddington, Reading, Bath and Bristol in England, and Newport and Cardiff in Wales. There are also easy connections to Swansea, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire in Wales too. You can reach other parts of each country through different trains, although these may involve change overs.

Rail passes

It is possible for tourists outside of the UK to receive discounted and flexible rail travel passes. These can usually be purchased from large travel agents and railway stations across the UK. A passport may be required for purchase.

By Air

Cardiff and London act as the two major air hubs between each country as once you have arrived in either destination, there are several other transport links. However, other airports in England like Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Manchester Airport are also well placed for North Wales. Birmingham airport is best for travel to Mid Wales and South East Wales.

Travelling between England and Wales by isn’t usually everyone’s first choice. However, if you’re travelling from London to Anglesey – the farthest distance from London,- for example, a flight would be the fastest option.

A few things to note

If you do plan on travelling between each country, here are a few other points to consider…

  • You do not need a passport to cross the border between Wales and England as they are both part of the UK
  • Wales and England both speak English, however Welsh language is also spoken in Wales. You will see road signs written in both English and Welsh as you travel around Wales.
  • Driving with any amount of alcohol in your blood system is not tolerated in England and Wales. Find out more about our drink drive limit here
  • Children under 12 years old or shorter than 4ft 5inches must be fitted in a car seat.

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