Top 5 Places to Visit in Windsor

Windsor in the southeast of England is a town best known for its royal connections, charming surroundings and interesting history. Here, you will find one of the Queen’s official royal residencies, Windsor Castle, a lively town and even a theme park for children. Below we have put together a list of the top 5 places to visit if you ever have the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Windsor town!

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is one of the Queen’s three royal residencies and has been a royal residency and fortress for over 900 years. The castle is in fact the largest occupied castle in the world and the oldest in continuous occupation. Here is where the Queen spends many of her private weekends and carries out certain royal duties. Although the castle is occupied, it’s open to the public for visits and tours throughout the year but tickets must be booked in advance. There’s a high chance that the Queen will not be here if you do visit but if she is, her presence will be indicated by the Royal Standard flag.


Travelling with children? Legoland Windsor is a must visit. Legoland is a child-oriented theme park and resort themed entirely around Lego. Split into 12 themed lands, the theme park covers 150 acres of land. With 2.43 million visitors in 2019, Legoland was the second most visited themed park in the UK, falling just behind Alton Towers. Families can spend the weekend in the theme park and stay in the Legoland Resort Hotel or the Legoland Castle Hotel for a truly unique experience. There are other hotels nearby that are out-with the resort but still easy enough to travel between each and are usually a bit more affordable.

St George’s Chapel

Built during the 14th century, St George’s Chapel is one of the finest examples of ‘Perpendicular Gothic’ style in the UK. The Chapel serves as a place of worship for the Queen and the Royal Family and has hosted many royal services such as weddings and burials. The wedding service of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was held at St George’s Chapel in 2018. Royalty aside, St George’s also serves to the local community with services free to all every day of the week.

Windsor and Royal Borough Museum

Learn about the history of Windsor at the Windsor and Royal Borough Museum. The museum is a registered, family-friendly small local history museum in a Grade I listed building. The collections inside the museum explore the history of the town of Windsor and the Royal borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, featuring Stone Age flints, Roman tiles, First World War letters and so much more. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic the museum has held and continues to hold daily online programmes on Youtube, social media and podcasts.

Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park covers an amazing 4,800 acres of land that includes award-winning gardens, ancient woodland and forest trails. The park’s most prominent feature is the Long Walk, an iconic 3-mile long avenue that stretches from the George IV Gateway to the Copper Horse statue. Red Deer are easily spotted in this area as there are around 500 that roam freely in the Deer Park enclosure. For many centuries, the park was a private hunting ground of Windsor Castle but today it’s the perfect location for picnics, eating, shopping, running, walking, cycling, horse riding and fishing.

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