Top 10 unusual things to do and see in London

Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of London’s main attractions and visit some of these unusual and quirky spots!

London is full of amazing world-class attractions that certainly cannot be missed, but sometimes it’s fun to venture off the beaten track and see what else the city has to offer.

We’ve been researching some of the most unusual things to do and see in London, and we’re pleased to say that there is quite literally something for everyone!

Visit the Street Art in Croydon

Dozens of colourful murals have been appearing around Croydon over the past few years, giving this town in the south of London a reputation for being home to the best street art in Britain. From spectacular pieces covering the entire breadth and height of buildings, to smaller pieces thought to be created by Banksy himself. You can find these vibrant pieces of art on shop shutters, walls and wooden hoardings.

Visit the Cinema Museum

This is one for the movie lovers. The Cinema Museum in Kennington keeps the spirt of ancient cinema alive. Here, you’ll find a collection of artefacts, film memorabilia and equipment that preserves the history and magnificence of cinema from its earlier days to the present day. Its current building was even once a workhouse where Charlie Chaplin lived as a child!

London’s abandoned underground

Or perhaps you prefer the creepier side of things? London is undoubtably packed with active underground tube tunnels, but did you know there are several abandoned tube tunnels that lie beneath the city as well? Tourists have the chance to explore these dark and eerie abandoned tunnels, some of which are said to be haunted.

Climb to the top of the O2 Arena

See one of London’s most visited entertainment venues from a whole new angle when you climb to the very top of it. You will become a true climber when you slip into your climb suit, boots and harness and cross the walkway suspended 52 metres in the air. Climbers have the option to venture to the top during the day, at sunset or twilight. On a clear daytime climb, you can see landmarks up to 15 miles away!

Britain’s smallest police station

It’s almost unmissable, but that’s because it’s so small, hence the name! Britain’s smallest police station is situated inside an old lamppost on Trafalgar Square, designed to accommodate up to two prisoners at a time. The box, or Tardis as some call it, is no longer used by the police and is now a broom cupboard for Westminster Council cleaners instead, but that doesn’t stop tourists flocking to get their photos taken beside it.

Kayaking or canoeing on the River Thames

If you fancy some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take yourself down to the River Thames for a bit of kayaking or canoeing, ideally on a warm Summer’s Day. Kayaking or Canoeing is a great way to explore the River Thames and take in some of London’s riverside landmarks, such as the Tower Bridge of London Eye. There are several tour operators in London who can arrange a paddle down the river for you.

Find all the Seven Noses of SoHo

If you ever happen to come across a random nose sticking out of a wall in London, well there are six more to find. The Seven Noses of SoHo are in fact part of an artistic installation, created by artist Rick Buckley in 1997. There are a number of urban legends surrounding the mysterious sculptures, but few revolve around one nose in particular. Apparently, the nose that is stuck to the Admiralty Arch is a gesture to the Duke of Wellington, who was supposedly famous for having a very large nose. Others says that finding all seven brings infinite wealth, but we don’t know how true that is.

Visit Kensal Green graveyard

London’s graveyards are famed for their beautiful sculptures and gothic charm, but if you’re going to visit one, make sure it is Kensal Green – the first of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ graveyards, a term used for seven large private cemeteries in London. Kensal Green is the final resting place of some famous Brits, including the famous newsagent, W.H. Smith, and tea tycoon Richard Twining.

Visit David Bowie’s neighbourhood

Do you like following in the footsteps of some of the world’s most famous musicians? Many stars have risen from London, such as the iconic David Bowie who was born in Brixton in the South of London. Fans have traced down the home in Brixton where Bowie was born and lived until he was six years old. Although there are no specific traces of references to Bowie here, other than the odd floral tribute, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re a superfan.

Spend the night at London Zoo

Let the child inside of you free and spend the night at London Zoo, where guests stay over in cosy, luxurious lodges right beside the lion’s den. The experience also includes three special tours which all take place when the Zoo is closed to the public. Would you sleep that close to lions?

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