Tips for playing golf in the rain

Follow our tips for playing golf in the rain

Playing golf in the rain doesn’t need to be a washout, not with careful planning and preparation. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as the saying goes… so here are some of our top tips to playing golf in the rain.

Wear waterproof clothing

Never underestimate the power of good waterproof clothing. High quality waterproofs make a huge difference to playing a round in the rain and will guarantee good service for years to come. We recommend wet-weather suits that allow air to pass through, keeping golfers cool and dry, as opposed to cheap non-breathable suits that can trap moisture in and leave golfers feeling hot and sticky. The weather here in Scotland can be unpredictable at times, so we would always advise golfers to pack some waterproof clothing just to be sure.

Swinging in the rain

Although waterproof clothing is an essential for playing golf in the rain, it can often cause swing problems. The extra weight and additional layers of a wet-weather suit can make it difficult to swing normally as movement is restricted. Golfers shouldn’t try to overcome this issue by forcing the swing, but instead should maintain a normal tempo and make a three-quarter swing if it’s easier. The key to playing in the rain is maintaining concentration and tempo, which isn’t always so easy. Wet fairways slow down the roll of the ball, so players mistakenly increase the speed of their swing to compensate for the reduced length, which doesn’t end well.

Find a good umbrella

A good umbrella means a golf umbrella, one that is larger and stronger than a normal one. Golf umbrellas provide extra protection on exposed courses, so not only will it protect the player, but the clubs too. When playing golf in the rain, the aim is to keep everything that can be kept dry as dry as possible. Many golf clubs offer umbrellas to their customers for promotional purposes.

Know the rules

Most golfers should be aware that certain rules apply to rain-affected areas of the course. For example, areas of the green, fairway and bunker can become flooded by excessive rain, causing what’s known as ‘casual water’. When there is casual water directly between the ball and pin in which the golfer is putting, the golfer is allowed to reposition the ball, just not nearer to the hole. Golfers will also not be penalised if their ball lands in casual water and they lift it out to drop on the nearest dry areas. Golfers who aren’t familiar with these rules should take note before playing in Scotland.

Playing golf in the rain is easy when you follow these simple tips!

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