Our Top Tips to Road-Tripping in Wales

Road-tripping is a fantastic way to explore Wales at your own pace. Although they are fairly flexible, road-trips do require a little bit of preparation to ensure it’s an overall successful trip. Wales, after all, is a country of immense variety. If you’re planning on road-tripping in Wales any time soon, we’ve listed some of our tops tips to help make your journey a smooth one.

Plan your route 

No matter where you’re road-tripping, you’re always going to want to plan your route beforehand. In Wales, there are coastal routes, country routes and mountain routes. You should decide if you are going to cover only one area of Wales, like southern Wales, for example, of travel around the whole of Wales. Planning a route is an important part of the trip because it’s all too easy to get lost and waste valuable time. We’ve made a list of some of the best road-tripping routes in Wales you can check out here.

Research parking 

There’s nothing worse than driving to a tourist destination and there are no parking spots available and you don’t know where else to look. You’d think that parking would be a priority when on a road-trip, but it’s an aspect of the trip that’s often overlooked. To avoid any parking fiascos, you should research a bit about car parking facilities in your planned destinations, like where they are, and the type of payments required. Most major car parks accept card payments now and you can even pay via your mobile phone rather than at the pay point. It is still worthwhile keeping some spare cash in the car as many stops will still require cash payments, particularly in the smaller towns. 

Understand the road 

It’s always helpful learning a little bit of the local language before a trip because it can be a great help when out and about. English is the main language spoken in Wales, but you’ll still find a lot of the road signs in the Welsh language which can look a bit confusing. To help, the Welsh Government have compiled a list of standard bilingual road signs you can view here. Additionally, different road rules apply to different countries, so you may want to check out the rules of the roads in Wales before your journey such as speed limits and road markings. If you’re from the UK already this shouldn’t be too different, but if you’re from overseas it could be quite different from what you are familiar with.

Prebook accommodation 

While a lot of young travellers like to find accommodation as they go, it’s better to book ahead if you’re road-tripping as part of a family and for a shorter duration to avoid an uncomfortable night spent in the car! You are likely going to be staying overnight in a number of different places whilst on a road-trip, therefore you are best to look for value accommodation. A lot of road-trippers like to spend some time in hotels or apartments as well as campsites. This adds a bit of variety to the trip and is definitely a low-cost option. 

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