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Mystical Ireland – Myths, Legends and Mysterious Ancient Sites

The Emerald Isle is one of the places on the planet that’s steeped in myths, legends and stories about leprechauns. There’s a warm welcome awaiting everyone who arrives on these shores which makes it such a delightful place to explore. Ireland boasts some of the oldest sacred sites on the planet with some being even older than the pyramids of Egypt so it’s no wonder that visitors want to travel to such a fascinating and beautiful destination.

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Ancient Ireland
Take any road in Ireland and you soon come across a Norman tower or maybe an ancient tree or two sitting comfortably in a stone circle. You’ll spot a medieval castle or two far in the distance on a rugged horizon as well an ancient monastery. It’s hard not to spot a building, some ruins or other evidence of an ancient civilisation that once populated these splendid and still very untouched lands.

One of the things that strike many visitors on their first visit to Ireland is the presence of dolmen dotted around the landscape with nothing else around. These monumental stone tables seem to be older than time itself and dominate many an Irish skyline in such a dramatic, wondrous and mystical way.

When it comes to finding stone circles, mounds, superb Celtic crosses and cairns, it doesn’t get much better than when you’re exploring many regions of Ireland. As a real bonus many of the ancient relics are perfectly preserved to be marvelled and wondered at often leaving people speechless, even if they have seen many a photograph and image of them!

Royal Rituals, Demarcations for Time & More
Many of these ancient sites were built to celebrate events namely the coming of a season, royal rituals and for what we now believe was the demarcation of time. However, the mystical aspect of many of the ancient sites remaining as mysterious and magical as ever and where speculation is rife. It would be impossible to leave an ancient ruin without feeling a sense of wonder.

You literally step back in time when visiting Newgrange in County Meath which boasts being a megalithic cemetery that’s around 5,000 years old and where a passage to the tombs is expertly aligned so it marks the Winter Solstice. When you find yourself on the Hill of Tara also in County Meath and where Stone Age rituals took place, you cannot help but be moved in some mystical way or another.

Heading to County Antrim, Navan Fort although not much left, still impacts visitors in strange and mysterious ways, but so does Lough Gur in County Limerick which was home to Neolithic farmers for well over 4,000 years and boasts evidence of the largest stone circle to be found in Ireland. However, where impressive is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than at Carrowmore and Carrowkeel in County Sligo where you’ll find two of the largest megalithic monuments in the whole of Europe, one in a valley and the other on a mountain.

Ireland has a lot to boast about and when it comes to ancient history, even the Egyptians get a run for their money with many sites and ruins being even older than the pyramids themselves.

Exploring ancient Ireland, it’s mystical, magical and often mysterious historical sites leaves you with a sense of pure wonder and a sense of how much the ancient civilisations that inhabited these lands longed for eternal life – much like the ancient Egyptians. No matter where you go you’ll spot a dolmen on the horizon, trip over a stone circle where sheep graze, and marvel at the coastline where giants used to roam – or so legends tell!

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