How to plan the perfect golf trip to the UK or Ireland

Your golf trip shouldn’t be anything less than perfect!

Are you thinking of visiting the UK or Ireland for a spot of golf at some point this year or next? We’ve listed a few tips to help you plan the perfect golf trip to the UK or Ireland!

Research, research, research

Research is key to planning any form of vacation, especially if it’s for golf! With so many amazing golf courses in the UK, you are quite literally spoiled for choice. First and foremost, you’re going to want to decide where exactly you’d like to visit. Is it Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales? Researching golf in each location is a good place to start. From there, you can get more specific and research courses in England, for example. Not only does researching your trip before booking it help with organisation, it can reduce the cost of your trip and simply enhance the whole experience.

Choose your dates wisely

You may or may not know that weather in the UK and Ireland can be quite unpredictable, but the best weather is usually between May to September. Most major golfing events in the UK and Ireland often take place between these months as well. So, if you want dry weather (at least) or to maybe even catch a golfing event, you must choose your dates wisely.

Book your trip in advance

Once you have selected your dates, it’s time to get things booked. We would generally advise booking golf trips at least four months in advance, however, this year, we began taking bookings for 2020 tee times in March! Booking your trip in advance is crucial if you want to play any big-name courses, such as St Andrews, Royal St George’s, or Royal Portrush, or if you are travelling with a large group. Long-haul flights can also increase in price if they are booked close to the departure date. But don’t worry too much about this if you’re feeling spontaneous one day. You can still usually find some great quality golf courses and hotels with last minute availability!

Plan your itinerary

Good planning and organisations will ensure a fun and relaxing trip. An itinerary can certainly help you manage and maximize your time, but don’t forget to include some leeway. You’re also visiting a foreign country where you possibly have never been before, so you are likely going to be unfamiliar with roads and directions, which could result in the occasional delay or two.

Make time to relax and enjoy other activities

But don’t forget to make some time to relax and enjoy other activities too. Yes, creating an itinerary is great for organisation and tend to work well, but you don’t want to be on too much of a tight golf schedule. After all, you are visiting an amazing country with so many other iconic things to see and do, like museums, distilleries and beautiful scenery. It would be a shame to completely miss out. You might even need that free time to clear your head after an intense day on the course.

Find a golf tour operator

Finally, if you’re really struggling to plan your golf trip, why not opt for a golf tour operator? You have the option to get help from a professional with the best knowledge and experience, who can recommend the best courses and hotels based on your budget and golfing requirements.

At Best of Scotland Holidays we can help you plan your golf trip of a lifetime. We have over 35 years’ expertise in planning golfing packages in Scotland, England Ireland and Wales. Get in touch with us today and we will organise your perfect golf vacation!

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