Have you considered an aparthotel over a traditional hotel?

A modern city apartment building with square windows and a paved courtyard

While traditional hotels of course still remain a popular choice of accommodation when travelling, aparthotels are becoming increasingly favoured. Have you thought about staying in an aparthotel rather than a traditional hotel for your next trip abroad? Here’s what you should know…

What’s the differences between aparthotels and traditional hotels?

First, let’s establish the differences between aparthotels and traditional hotels.

Traditional hotels tend to consist of bedrooms with ensuites and provide room service. An aparthotel, on the other hand, is a blend of both apartments and hotels. Unlike traditional hotel rooms, aparthotels contain small living areas, equipped kitchenettes, and sometimes more than one bedroom – just like an apartment. What makes apartahotels different from average apartments is the hotel-like service they offer such as 24-hour receptions and cleaning.

Benefits of staying in an apartment

There are aspects of hotels that we like and don’t like, and likewise for apartments. Aparthotels combine the best features of each, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds. If you are considering staying in an aparthotel rather than a traditional hotel but need some more convincing, maybe some of these benefits will help you decide.

More space
Adequate space is something we all prioritise when searching for accommodation and sometimes one room just isn’t enough. In aparthotels, you have the space to sleep, relax and cook, all separately. The additional space is a particularly great benefits for families or groups of friends who really need it.

A modern bedroom with a large white bed and green stripe. There is a rabbit teddy sitting on it

24 – hour concierge
24-hour concierge service is a very appealing aspect, and this is often the reason why some would choose a traditional hotel over an apartment. There’s reassurance that there’s always going to be somewhere and someone to turn to. If 24-hour concierge service is an important aspect for you, you’ll be pleased to know aparthotels offer this too.

Not having to clean up after yourself is one of the best parts about staying in hotels. Unlike average apartments, aparthotels offer housekeeping too to make your stay even more convenient.

Home away from home
When staying in a foreign city, you want to feel comfortable and welcomed. Your accommodation should help you to feel this way. Aparthotels usually provide more home comforts like DVDs, books, music systems and with separate areas for sleeping and living, you’ll definitely feel more at home.

A modern living room with a large green sofa opposite a black wall with a television screen attached

The Best of Scotland team recently visited the Wilde Staycity Aparthotel in Edinburgh and can vouch for the warm and homely surroundings. Situated in such a great location, you’ll feel like a local when you stay here. All apartments provide self-catering facilities, so you can cook your favourite foods, relax in a separate living area and enjoy the comfort & privacy of your own bedroom.

Best of Scotland Holidays arrange bespoke holiday packages in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. We can arrange everything from transport to your accommodation. We partner up with many fantastic aparthotels across each country, such as the Wilde Staycity Aparthotel.

If you’re looking for a bespoke holiday package with an aparthotel experience, get in touch with us today.

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