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Belfast & Titanic City Breaks

Belfast is famous for being home to the historic ship ‘The RMS Titanic’, which unfortunately sunk after hitting an iceberg. It is one of the most memorable ship accidents in history and, of course, the film ‘Titanic’ is now an all-time classic.

The Titanic Quarter is situated right on the waterfront where this incredible ship was designed and built. It spans over 185 acres and boasts interesting history as well as the latest designs in living, eating and learning areas. Over 400,000 people visit the Titanic Quarter every year and it’s easy to see why.

Titanic Drawing Offices
Visitors can enjoy seeing the incredible drawing offices where the Titanic was born into life. Thomas Andrews was the naval architect in charge of plans for the ship RMS Titanic and these drawing rooms are the place where he and others meticulously created the plans for the ocean liner.

Thomas Andrews was actually traveling aboard the RMS Titanic when it hit the iceberg and he perished in the disaster. These awe-inspiring drawing offices are steeped in history and definitely worth a visit if you are at the momentous Titanic Quarter.

Titanic Slipways
Another fantastic spot you can visit is the Titanic slipways. This is where the ship was actually built and launched, and is a spot captured in so many photographs from the time. There is also a poignant memorial listing all the names of those who died when the Titanic sank in 1912.

Although the total death toll is not exact due to inconclusive records, it is estimated that between 1,490 and 1,653 people lost their lives. That means that less than a third of people aboard the Titanic survived the disaster. The last surviving passenger died in 2009; Millvina Dean was only 9 weeks old on the Titanic and was the youngest passenger.

Titanic Dock and Pump House
The Titanic dock and pump house were built specifically to accommodate the RMS Titanic and her sister ships. Never before had there been a ship of such magnitude, so they needed to build somewhere it would fit!

The dock itself is now dry and open to visitors who can explore the immense area. You can marvel in awe at the incredible Edwardian engineering that went into creating this huge space for the masterpiece of a ship that was the RMS Titanic.

SS Nomadic
The SS Nomadic is known as the Titanic’s little sister and opened in Spring 2013. This new ship was built by the same method, using the same materials as that of the Titanic. Visiting the SS Nomadic provides a tangible sense of what it might have felt like to be aboard the Titanic herself.

The luxuries on the Titanic were made to meet the highest standard at the time. The ocean liner had a passenger capacity of 2,453 people as well as a crew that exceeded 900. The passengers could take advantage of an on board telephone system, library and a large barber shop amongst other facilities.

Living, Eating and Learning
The Titanic Quarter isn’t just a great place to visit if you’re interested in the history of the famous ship; it is also a lively urban neighbourhood. There is a newly developed residential area, which has quickly become one of Belfast’s most sought after locations because of the stunning views over the Channel and Belfast Hills.

The Titanic Quarter is also home to an eclectic mix of places to eat including relaxing cafes and top class restaurants. Whether you’re just visiting for the day or you are thinking about living there, there are lots of eatery options.

Belfast Met is one of the largest further education colleges in the UK and Ireland and it has a campus located right in the heart of the Titanic Quarter. Belfast Met caters for over 5,000 full time and 10,000 part time students, and what better place to learn than this beautiful area?

The Titanic Quarter is a beautiful place, steeped in history and located right on the waterfront in Belfast. If like us you are fascinated by the story of the Titanic why not look at our Titanic and Belfast package.

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