5 of the most beautiful lakes in Ireland

Did you know that there’s around 12,000 lakes in Ireland? When you visit the Emerald Isle, it’s safe to say you’re never going to be too far away from a lake no matter where you are. Each lake is beautiful in their own unique way and any is worth a visit, but we’ve picked out some lakes we believe are the most beautiful in Ireland.

Muckross Lake

Also known as Middle Lake or The Torc, Muckross Lake can be found in Killarney National Park and is one of the three famous Lakes in Killarney alongside Lough Leane and Upper Lake. At nearly 75m deep in some parts, it’s considered as Ireland’s deepest lake. Legend says Muckross Lake is home to a large eel-like monster affectionately known as ‘Muckie’. The best way to explore the area is to walk the Muckross Lake Loop which takes around 3 hours and allows you to see traditional working farms, formal gardens and hidden caves along the way.

Caragh Lake

Caragh Lake is a freshwater lake located between the village of Glenbeigh and the town of Killorglin, north of the McGilicuddy Reeks. As part of the Reeks District, the lake is surrounded by a number of beautiful hiking trails and makes a great spot for fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and other recreational boat tours.

Lough Leane

With 19 square kilometres of fresh water, Lough Leane is the largest lake in Killarney National Park. Historically, Lough Leane was the home of a monastery located on an island in the lake and its name means “lake of learning”. The scenery of the lake is best explored on a boat trip from Ross Castle, which allows plenty of time to take in the beautiful view of the mountains from the lake or see the ruins of the monastery. If you’re lucky, you might get to see some majestic eagles.

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Lough Corrib

Ireland’s second largest lake, Lough Corrib is home to over 300 islands, offering many beautiful views to enjoy. Visitors can hop on a cruise from Ashford Castle and discover the history of the lake or get an up-close view of some of its islands. There are different cruises departing from the castle each offering a unique experience. Lough Corrib is both a Ramsar Site and a Special Area of Conservation because of its abundance of wildlife and surrounding areas.

Lough Conn

Famed for its fine quality trout and salmon, Lough Conn is one of Ireland’s best fishing spots. Lough Conn covers almost 60 square kilometres in County Mayo and offers a wonderful view of the Nephin mountain. As well as being an ideal fishing location, Lough Conn is makes ideal spot to relax and bask in the beautiful surrounding scenery.

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