Whisky Tours and Trails in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

Scotland is famous for its national drink: whisky. If you’re a fan of whisky and really want to experience it in its home of origin, you should plan a visit to Scotland.

If it’s a real love of yours, the only way to really receive a true whisky education is to go on a whisky trail. Alternatively, if you’re touring round Scotland, participating in a whisky trail is a great way to experience Scotland’s national drink and get a taste of Scottish life.

We take a look at whisky tours and trails in the Highlands and islands of Scotland.

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Scotch Whisky Tasting Tour

Best of Scotland Holidays are offering a Whisky Tasting Tour of Scotland or as we call it, here in Scotland – A Whisky Trail.  Enjoy touring around Scotland and visiting the many Scotch whisky distilleries that are on offer.  From the highlands to the islands and as far down as the lowlands, Scotland will have a whisky distillery for you.  Visit our website for further information.