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Highlights of a Trip to Skye

The lovely Isle of Skye has a lot to boast about when it comes to natural beauty, so much so the Vikings referred to it as “Cloud Island” because it is often shrouded in mists at certain times of the year. However, the scenery is simply breath-taking with gleaming lochs, rugged mountains and majestic cliffs that fall down to the sea. On top of all the natural beauty there’s so much more to see and do which includes taking a tour around the many castles, the warm and welcoming pubs and restaurants as well as the wonderful crofting museums. These are just some of the tourist highlights of a trip to Skye.

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Mystical Ireland – Myths, Legends and Mysterious Ancient Sites

The Emerald Isle is one of the places on the planet that’s steeped in myths, legends and stories about leprechauns. There’s a warm welcome awaiting everyone who arrives on these shores which makes it such a delightful place to explore. Ireland boasts some of the oldest sacred sites on the planet with some being even older than the pyramids of Egypt so it’s no wonder that visitors want to travel to such a fascinating and beautiful destination.

If a tour of Mystical Ireland interests you please have a look at our package.

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An adventure holiday in Scotland

If your version of the perfect getaway involves adrenaline-pumping sports like white-water rafting and rock climbing or exploring majestic landscapes on your mountain bike, then you are sure to love Scotland and everything it has to offer. Here we will take a look at some of the best places to visit and things you can get up to on your trip

Fife – For the Golfers
If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city, head straight to Fife to start your Scottish adventure. Fife boasts a beautiful natural setting, with fascinating wildlife, quaint fishing villages and a pretty coastal path where you can take long, romantic strolls. If you are into your watersports, you’ll be pleased to here that Fife is home to some of the top sailing and water sport centres in the country.

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Organising a Superb Girly Getaway in Scotland

If you’re planning a girly “getaway” and not sure just which UK destination would suit your group the best – heading north of the border to Scotland offers a lot more than just beautiful scenery. In Glasgow alone you’ll find spectacular shopping experiences and then there’s the choice of 5 star spas where you can be pampered to your heart’s content. The city is bustling with wonderful cafés where you can all indulge yourselves supping on creamy cappuccinos whilst people watching in true European style. Glasgow is a superb city; it’s warm, welcoming and a lot of fun.

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Play Ireland’s Magnificent 7

Thinking of planning a golfing trip to Ireland? We bet all of the classic golf courses like Lahinch Old, Ballybunion Old, and Royal County Down are all on your list of places to play. Whilst the classics are classics for good reasons, Ireland is home to many other fantastic golf courses that are truly hidden gems. Here we will take a look at seven of Ireland’s less famous golf courses that are magnificent, yet often overlooked by visiting golfers.

The Magnificent 7
The golf courses that make up the magnificent 7 are all located on the Wild Atlantic Way route of Northwest Ireland. They are some of the best golf courses in the country in terms of both their designs and spectacular scenery. Another reason why they are considered ‘magnificent’ is that the green fees are much cheaper than some of the more sought after Irish gold courses. Below we have taken a closer look and what makes these seven golf courses so great.

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Exploring the Delights of Scotland with the West Highland Railway

The West Highland Line is renowned the world over for being a train journey like no other. The trip takes passengers through some of Scotland’s finest scenery, hugging the southern wilderness foothills before gliding elegantly past pine forests and endless moorlands. Passengers are privileged with photo opportunities around every bend, with majestic castles in the distance boasting a backdrop of mist covered mountains, and all this before travelling over an amazing 21 arch viaduct!

Where it All Begins!
The line starts out in Glasgow and meanders its way through villages, towns and beautiful parks connecting the exquisite and often dramatic landscapes of the western highlands with the rest of Scotland. The railway has become one of the major tourist attractions drawing visitors from distant shores but is also serves the people of Scotland with a wonderfully enjoyable way to travel through some of the most scenic areas in the region. The journey travels through the towns of Oban, Fort William and Mallaig which all boast being major tourist attractions in their own right.

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A brief history of Scotland’s islands

To the north of Hadrian’s Wall, Scotland covers a surprisingly large area of the UK. While people tend to think of Scotland as being the small country to the north of England, in reality from the southern border to the northernmost mainland tip, Scotland isn’t that much smaller than its southern neighbour.

Once you take into account the Scotland’s islands that surround its shores, the area that the country covers increases considerably. There are no fewer than 790 offshore islands around Scotland, grouped into the Shetlands, Orkneys, Inner and Outer Hebrides. The islands are diverse in their population and histories with many of the Outer Hebridean Islands owing as much too Norse influence through the years as they do to Celtic and English-speaking travellers.

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7 Good Reasons to Visit Ireland

Ireland is a stunning country, full of contrasts and wonderful activities to help you see the country at its finest.

1. Follow the coast
The Atlantic coast in Ireland offers some stunning views of the coastline and some great opportunities to really be alone with nature. The Wild Atlantic Way is the frontier between Europe and America to the west and is a truly wild, windswept part of the country. Covering some 2,500 km, the coastline has tiny roads and rocky outcrops that jut into the sea that can go from bright blue to crashing grey in just a few minutes as the weather rolls across the waves. It truly is a special place from which to view the country and the ocean.

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British Church Heritage Tour

England and Scotland are steeped in history with religion having played a very important part in the lay of the land. The churches, cathedrals and chapels found all over Scotland and the UK are proof of this with many of them now being heritage sites definitely worth visiting, no matter what religion you happen to be. The architectural grandeur of the churches is truly something to be marvelled at, but then some of the delightful chapels that are often tucked away out of sight are simply stunning too.

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Castle and Garden Tours in Scotland

Scotland really is the land of castles; with many found along the rugged coastlines and when it comes to glorious gardens, Scotland has a lot to offer from formal topiaries to magnificent woodlands and lots in between. Organising a tour to and around some of the most splendid castles and gardens means spending some quality time in a land steeped in history. The myths and legends are as wonderful as the structures, ancient edifices and beautiful gardens found there. Below are just a few of the superb sites to visit when taking time out in Scotland.

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