British culinary treats

Several nations, from close European cousins to our friends across the Atlantic, have taken great pleasure through the years in disparaging British cuisine and cooking as boring, flavourless and unworthy of so much as a second glance. However, behind the jokes and stereotypes there are some delicious flavours to be enjoyed in the UK amongst the dishes that are counted amongst the British national dishes.

Food in Britain these days is incredibly cosmopolitan, with influences from Asian, American and African cuisine blending with traditional UK flavours and European ideas. In amongst the melee, you will still find some truly British tastes that you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. Best of Scotland offer an amazing English Food and Drink Package, click here for more details. Continue reading

A brief history of Scotland’s islands

To the north of Hadrian’s Wall, Scotland covers a surprisingly large area of the UK. While people tend to think of Scotland as being the small country to the north of England, in reality from the southern border to the northernmost mainland tip, Scotland isn’t that much smaller than its southern neighbour.

Once you take into account the Scotland’s islands that surround its shores, the area that the country covers increases considerably. There are no fewer than 790 offshore islands around Scotland, grouped into the Shetlands, Orkneys, Inner and Outer Hebrides. The islands are diverse in their population and histories with many of the Outer Hebridean Islands owing as much too Norse influence through the years as they do to Celtic and English-speaking travellers. Continue reading

Top Tips How to Spend a Week in Ireland

Ireland is a stunning country, full of contrasts and wonderful activities to help you see the country at its finest.

1. Follow the coast

The Atlantic coast in Ireland offers some stunning views of the coastline and some great opportunities to really be alone with nature. The Wild Atlantic Way is the frontier between Europe and America to the west and is a truly wild, windswept part of the country. Covering some 2,500 km, the coastline has tiny roads and rocky outcrops that jut into the sea that can go from bright blue to crashing grey in just a few minutes as the weather rolls across the waves. It truly is a special place from which to view the country and the ocean. Continue reading

The Welsh Dragon – Its Origin and Still Alive and Proud Today

The symbol of a proud nation with a long and illustrious heritage, the Welsh Dragon has come to signify all that is strong and unique about the principality of Wales. Forged from the Celtic lands that previously stretched far beyond the limits of Offas Dyke that now constrain its territory, Wales took for its symbol from the standard of the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table who, having based themselves in Wales, marched out with other Celtic leaders under the red dragon as their battle standard against ancient enemies of the Celts.

Welsh dragon

Y Ddraig Goch, or the Welsh Dragon as we say in English, is a powerful symbol in Welsh consciousness

Today the dragon proudly bestrides the Welsh national flag, making it the only national flag that does not form part of the UK national Union Flag. Standing separate from the rest of the union, Wales and its flag tell the tale of a long history of rebellion, strength and independence. Continue reading

Easter Holiday Breaks Ideas in Scotland

The Easter holidays are a great time to get away. With the kids off school and the weather starting to turn the corner from the long winter of dreariness and endless rain, getting away and enjoying the smattering of spring flowers and lengthening days can be a welcome break.

Around the school Easter holidays, there are plenty of great activities and things to do around Scotland. There is also a fantastic choice of accommodation from bed and breakfast to self-catering cottages and even more up-market hotels if you’re choosing to leave the kids with their grandparents and get away for a while on your own.

Take a few of our ideas as inspiration and get planning your Easter getaway. Continue reading

7 Great Activities for a Week in Scotland

Scotland is a relatively vast country for the number of people who call it their home and offers a wide range of activities for people who love to do all kinds of different things. There is no shortage of fun things to do both indoors and outside, and the limit of the things you can choose to entertain you on a week’s break are limited only by your time and your imagination. Continue reading

7 Amazing Museums to Visit Around the UK

There are museums in the UK that everyone knows about. Those are great, but what if you could find a hidden gem of a museum that gives you something you just can’t get from anywhere else? That’s precisely what we aim to give you, so read on and find out about seven fantastic museums where you can experience something unlike that you’d get anywhere else.

Best of Scotland can arrange a tailor made holiday to cater for your exact requirements including visits to any of these wonderful museums. Get in touch for a chat about your requirements, there’s no obligation. Continue reading

7 Amazing Castles throughout the UK you need to Add to Your Bucket List

Britain is an amazing country and it boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable. There are well known spots around these islands that attract many visitors from foreign shores today as in centuries past. However, the beauty of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland is wonderfully represented in the superb architectural delights that still stand as monuments from times long past – namely the splendid and majestic castles which are dotted all over the land.

Castell Coch – Wales

A fairy tale castle in the midst of the superb Welsh countryside - Castell Coch

A fairy tale castle in the midst of the superb Welsh countryside – Castell Coch

A fairy tale looking castle, Castell Coch in Wales is simply out of this world beautiful. Set amidst lush Welsh countryside, this magnificent edifice was built in the 18th century but looks medieval. The castle was built for John Crichton-Stuart who was the 3rd Marquess of Bute but sadly nobody from his family ever lived there when construction was completed. As such his descendants gave it over to the Welsh government! Continue reading

Mystical Ireland – Myths, Legends and Mysterious Ancient Sites

The incredible and mysterious dolmen that dominate the horizons

The incredible and mysterious dolmen that dominate the horizons

The Emerald Isle is one of the places on the planet that’s steeped in myths, legends and stories about leprechauns. There’s a warm welcome awaiting everyone who arrives on these shores which makes it such a delightful place to explore. Ireland boasts some of the oldest sacred sites on the planet with some being even older than the pyramids of Egypt so it’s no wonder that visitors want to travel to such a fascinating and beautiful destination.

If a tour of Mystical Ireland interests you please have a look at our package. Continue reading

How to Enjoy the Scottish Highlands When Travelling With Children

Visiting the Scottish Highland with children in tow makes for an exciting adventure. Apart from the stunning landscapes and superb coastlines, the region boasts some splendid attractions which make for wonderful and interesting family days out. Whether you’re looking for a historical and educational day out or just an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the things there are which children really enjoy. If you are thinking of using public transport but don’t want the effort of organisation just leave it to us. Continue reading